AIA Project Proposal
Round 02 – 04.08.2023

José Fernández
Executive Producer

Roberto Vega
Creative Director

Athletic Intelligence

Style & Animation

Our goal is to visually captivate and convey the essence of your innovative platform through abstract interface representations while creating a clear portrayal of how the platform operates.

MIT Technology Review
CRISPR Decoded

From this reference we highlight the animation in general, the transitions and the way the information is presented in an abstract way.


  • Engaging motion graphics.
  • Smooth transitions and interactions.
  • Energetic and fluid animations.


Subtle, sleek animation with abstract interfaces capable of providing clear and easy explanations to all kinds of audiences. With this, we can effectively explain challenging concepts in a simple, clear, and straightforward way.

In graphic terms, we strongly believe that adopting a more modern style like this will significantly enhance the idea for the platform.


  • Futuristic and sleek UI elements.
  • Dynamic data visualizations.


Our approach centers around utilizing transparency and vibrant colors, accompanied by infographics that emphasize data. The modern, simple, and user-friendly design, inspired by the concept of “cards,” ensures a seamless experience for athletes and their audience alike.

UX/UI Highlights

  • Translucent elements with vibrant color palettes.
  • Infographic-style data visualizations.
  • Modern, clean, and intuitive design.
  • User-focused “cards” layout for information presentation.

Landing Page

Our landing page features a prominent video at the top and dynamic, relevant information that unfolds as users scroll. Everything, including the video, infographics, and content, will be carefully curated for a cohesive and visually appealing presentation.

Landing Page Highlights

  • Responsive design that adapts to any device.
  • Password-protected access.
  • Ability to add a frequently asked questions section.
  • Downloadable pitch deck in PDF format.

The concepts, including without limitation, the designs and artwork, contained in this slides deck are the exclusive property of Braveland.
Such materials and concepts may not be used, reproduced, or otherwise disseminated without the express written permission of Braveland, unless Braveland has been retained to render services for you and on your behalf.